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Wide-ranging UAS operational expertise:

Nexus Nine has progressively enhanced its operational expertise to provide a range of advanced capabilities, ideally matched to progressing the implementation of UAS across a range of applications, including BVLoS/Long-Range operations for flight test and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

Complementing this airborne capability is a full suite of systems test (ground/air) and operations management, including ground test facilities catering for advanced UAS and Counter UAS Test and Evaluation (T&E). Key elements of Nexus’ end-to-end services include:

  • Expert personnel – ‘People are Key’
    Nexus UAS crews are comprised of a mix of pilots from a range of backgrounds, including rotary-wing SAR, military tactical support helicopters, fast jet/flight test and military/tactical civilian/transport crews. Many of our pilots are still current on their manned types, with a resultant deep knowledge of all airspace structures in the UK and Europe.
  • Airspace Regulation and Oversight – ‘Understanding the National Airspace’
    Nexus’ deep understanding of the key enablers to UAS operations, including airspace regulation/control, long range communications (satcom/datalink) aspects, payload/sensor performance and Manned/Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) mission planning, provides essential oversight to the application of UAS to these complex environments.
  • Safety assessment and Risk Analysis – ‘Managing risk to ensure success’
    By definition, advanced operations incorporating UAS require detailed analysis and advance planning to ensure effectiveness and safety – Nexus’ proven capabilities in Operational Analysis  (OA) ensures that new/novel application of UAS in the airborne environment are conducted with compliance to airspace regulation and at a level of safety which meets, and often exceeds, that mandated by the Authority.
  • Test and Evaluation – ‘Proving the capability works…’:
    Establishing new capabilities is core to the emerging world of UAS. Nexus supports clients’ vision with rigorous derivation of a Concept of Operations (CONOPS), where the exact nature of the proposed implementation of UAS is agreed with the client. However, this is only half of the story – Nexus’ extensive experience in Test and Evaluation facilitates development of an associated test programme, uniquely matched to the client’s requirements, to ensure the capability delivered is effective and relevant.

Nexus Nine’s training directly supports its advanced operations:

Clearly, none of Nexus’ operational capability would be sustainable without appropriate training to ensure crews are competent to operate the platform(s), and knowledgeable enough to support the concept. Nexus has built up the required permissions to undertake the basics (e.g. BVLoS), but has also ensured that its crews are properly trained in the mission – this potential ‘subtlety’ ensures that crews appropriately support all objectives of test and trials, including  Human/Machine Interface (HMI) and platform/sensor performance in the mission.
  • Modular Approach – ‘Targeted training with emphasis on safety’
    Acknowledging the wide variety of potential UAS missions, Nexus’ operational training processes are modular, providing our crews with the tools and flexibility to undertake a range of core missions. Supplementary/specific training requirements are captured as part of our Requirements Management (RM) process, which also informs our Safety Management System (SMS) and test flight safety oversight, ensuring the highest levels of safety assurance for any operation. Of note, this process is also used when there is a proposed change of platform, or the use of multiple platforms, as operational implementation of UAS advances, and particularly important in the area of MUM-T, where our pilots, recent on their manned types, add significant value.
  • Training Integration – ‘Cross-discipline relevance’
    At nexus Nine, we believe strongly that the application of robust and industry-recognised process in the introduction of UAS into our crowded airspaces is the key to ensuring safe and operationally effective integration of this exciting airborne capability. We have therefore worked hard to ensure that our end-to-end capability in UAS development is second to none, and our training processes integrate with associated ground/air capabilities.

Nexus Nine is your ideal partner to support introduction of new and novel systems in the UAS space – please contact us with your ideas and we will turn them into capability.

Nexus Nine has been actively involved with Counter UAS since the very beginning, and is actively engaged working with:

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