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Consultancy Services – Leveraging our capabilities for your projects

Building, maintaining and developing our industry-leading UAS operational, and our unique Counter-UAS testing capabilities, our team of highly experienced specialists are available to support your projects; we offer a truly end-to-end service, taking your early concepts and low Technology Readiness Level (TRL) equipment and turning them into safe, operationally effective systems, across the entire design and implementation process.

Whether a large ‘system of systems’ or the smallest piece of equipment, if it relates to the UAS space, and particularly if it has significant impact to operations, then our experts will add decisive value to your project through targeted intervention to provide support to the entirety of your effort, or a smaller portion where truly specialised advice is required.

For UAS applications, Nexus Nine’s remit is large, including:

  • Requirements capture and formulation of Concept of Operations (CONOPS) – ‘Vital first steps’: A vital aspect of larger programmes, a thorough understanding of whether the system concept is ‘the right system’ for the job, i.e. matched to the operational requirements, is key. Our expertise in this area, and the critical Crewed/Uncrewed Teaming (MUM-T), ensures your system is indeed ‘the right system’.
  • System Design Support – ‘Making sure the solution matches the requirement’: Clearly having identified the ‘right system’ for the job, a programme then needs to ensure the system is ‘built right’ – i.e. the system design fulfils the requirements, exactly and without excessive cost. With significant expertise in design support, from the technical/installation, to the operator-centric Human/Machine Interface (HMI), we have the expertise to ensure that your design oversight is appropriately matched to the system requirements, including system safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Operational Analysis and Risk Assessment for Counter-UAS – ‘Appropriate level of effort…’: Nexus Nine’s highly specialised team of ex-military and police personnel provide independent, vendor agnostic, UAS threat assessment for personnel and infrastructure. We can advise on technical and non-technical aspects, and through our developed, Authority-compliant proprietary processes, guide our clients through a staged process of analysis, assessment and concept development to identify an operationally effective solution which lies at the best Balance of Investment. This ‘first principles’ approach, based on a modularised and industry-recognised Systems Engineering process, is a quick and efficient way to avoid current ‘one size fits all’ approaches, which potentially unnecessarily increase upfront/equipment and support costs. Nexus’ expertise facilitates a bespoke solution to client needs vice an ‘approximate’ solution based on vendors’ products.
  • Concept Development and Feasibility Study – ‘A good idea or a waste of effort?’: It is fair to say there are innumerable Unmanned and optionally manned ‘concepts’, all vying for investment seeking credibility in an increasingly crowded space – sometimes it is difficult to ‘see the wood for the trees’? A key strength at Nexus Nine, drawing on many years of operational design and systems test expertise, our approach adds rigour to concept development, clearly identifying ‘good ideas’ (and, crucially, why), and discarding operationally (vs. user requirements) or systematically (vs. system requirements) unfeasible ideas. Nexus provides the intellectual insight and rigour to help get good UAS ideas ‘off the ground’ with independent programme oversight/safety assurance, vital for identifying and bounding reputational risk for both client and investors, thus maximising the chances of success with regulators, such as the CAA and EASA – all saving time and resource.
  • Programme Management and System Test – ‘Getting what you need’: Nexus Nine has great expertise in both air- and ground-test of platforms and C-UAS equipment – our team understands UAS operations from all viewpoints, a critical resource in the design and implementation of new and novel technologies in this exciting area. For existing operators and equipment vendors, Nexus also has the equipment, range access, ‘sandbox’ and expertise to support system Test and Evaluation (T&E) to better understand the capabilities and limitations of airborne platforms and ground-based C-UAS systems. Our team of consultants can provide independent advice on how systems can be improved, and what sensor/HMI combinations may be the most effective in in particular scenarios/installations.
  • System Integration and Operational Implementation – ‘Closing the circle’: Acknowledging there are significant numbers of ‘good ideas’ in the UAS sphere of operations which are restricted by poor implementation and/or a failure of integration with crewed aviation airspace structures, Nexus’ breadth and depth of manned aviation experience and perspective is a key strength, so often missing at the required level in many programmes of note. Nexus Nine expertise covers the whole gamut of manned aviation from military Fast-Jet and helicopters to civilian widebody airliners and SAR rotorcraft. The Nexus team comprises military and civil qualified Flight Test personnel, and Trials Management specialists, who can support you drafting, risk assessing, conducting and reporting on either ‘in house’ trials or demonstrations – including those involving Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T). At the more ‘kinetic’ end of the spectrum, Nexus has access to Tactics and Electronic Warfare Instructors who can provide insight into a number of UAS/C-UAS applications.

Nexus Nines consultancy support puts the client at the heart of the process to accurately match requirements to solutions to ensure you get exactly the answers you need.

Nexus Nine has been actively involved with Counter UAS since the very beginning, and is actively engaged working with:

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